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Genetic counseling

Genetics is complicated; navigating the world of genetics doesn’t have to be

Genetic information and knowledge is changing rapidly. The testing process may be complex and it is important to have a trusted source for gaining answers to your questions. Our genetic counselors work with you and your doctor. Many people appreciate the opportunity to speak to a genetic counselor to understand their genetic risks and testing options. You may meet with a genetic counselor when you are considering genetic testing or to discuss the results of genetic testing.

Together, you and your genetic counselor may:

  • Evaluate your family history and consider how your family and medical histories may help determine the likelihood that a particular disease would occur
  • Review basic genetic concepts including how chromosomes, genes and DNA influence health
  • Discuss inherited diseases and conditions and the chance that they might affect you or your family
  • Explore which genetic tests may be right for you and what those tests may tell you along with the benefits and possible limitations of the testing
  • Review results of genetic testing
  • Help provide support that can be needed when genetic information presents difficult health care decisions

Reproductive health genetic counseling

Hereditary cancer genetic counseling


Understanding prenatal genetic testing options

This video reviews and compares screening and testing options for Down syndrome and other chromosome abnormalities. Learn more about genetic testing options here.

Understanding carrier screening testing options

This video explains genetic inheritance and carrier screening for genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. Learn more about carrier screening testing options here.