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Insights into your baby’s health as early as ten weeks into your pregnancy

The informaSeq® prenatal test is an early test for assessing the risk of Down syndrome and additional chromosome conditions. The test also offers an optional analysis for fetal sex and sex chromosome (X,Y) conditions.

It is a simple and safe blood test that has been shown in clinical studies to assess the risk of fetal trisomies with high accuracy.1,2

What’s a trisomy?

Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 total) that carry genetic information. A trisomy is a chromosomal condition that occurs when there are three copies of a particular chromosome instead of the expected two. (Eg, trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) occurs when there are three copies of chromosome 21.)

The informaSeq Prenatal Test has been shown in high-risk patients to have detection rates of up to 99% and false positive rates as low as 0.1%, depending on the abnormality.1,2


Other testing options

In addition to NIPT, we offer: serum screening for Down syndrome and other conditions; carrier screening for disorders such as cystic fibrosis; diagnostic testing options for post-pregnancy or further confirmation of screening tests; and hereditary cancer screening.

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